Welcome to the Digital House of Zeekr.

I'm an affiliate marketer. a digital marketer. a web developer. a web designer. a full stack developer. a marketer. a coder. a programmer. a geek.

I'm a netrepreneur focused on web production, development and marketing.

Zeekr is my affiliate marketer alter ego.

My name is Ezequiel and people call me Zeek, but zeek.com wasn't available. So I named myself with the next best option at a time when everyone was choosing names with a trailing R derived from Flickr success dropping their e. 😉

It's also a play on the word seeker.

Skillz to pay the bills

Web Design & Development:
HTML / CSS / SASS / Javascript / ASP.NET / C# / SQL

Digital Marketing:
Affiliate / Email / Copywriting / Analytics / Automation / SEO / PPC / CRO / Social Media